Detective Lieutenant William Sommerset is the main protagonist of the brilliant 1995 film Se7en, played by
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Morgan Freeman. He is partnered in the film by Detective David Mills, played by Brad Pitt.


William Sommerset is an extremely experienced and efficient homicide detective. He is cerebral man, and as such, he is methodical in his methods. However, he has seen so much human suffering in his thirty-seven years on the department, that he has become cynical. Though this is a danger for anyone involved in the law enforcement career, it is particularly poignant in his case because he is also by nature a bit of a philosopher. He always asks the questions that other officers will not ask. He seems to want to understand the emotional underpinnings of every deviant act he is forced to bear witness to, yet he must also strive to maintain a detached, almost clinical view of his fellow man. His detachment makes him pretty much unflappable under normal conditions, and pretty hard to spook under trying circumstances. By his own admission, he can be a bit abrasive, especially when involved in an investigation.

Quote: “Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for." I agree with the second part.”


Sommerset is a man nearing retirement age. I would say in his early fifties. He was probably once a bit stronger and faster, but his age is catching up with him. However, his incisive mind and his considerable experience are his main tools. There several scenes in the film that show that he knows his way around a switchblade knife. He is shown to be pretty handy at throwing it as well. In a lesser film, this would have come up as a major plot point, but in Se7en it was used more as a visual depiction of his quiet frustration with his surroundings. In a game, it might make a nice surprise attack. He also carries a 4" barrel .38 cal revolver, probably a Smith and Wesson.

Designer's NotesEdit

As a GM NPC in a Dark Champions game, or as a PC in a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen style game based on modern film sources. This write up is meant to represent the character prior to the conclusion of the film Se7en. I do not imagine that he would still be involved in police work after the events depicted in the film. However, there might be some case big enough to bring him back from retirement.